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Senior Dog Clinic

After the great success of our Senior Cat Clinic we are excited to announce the launch of our Senior Dog Clinic.


Research over the past few years has shown that the ageing process can affect cats’ and dogs’ health once they reach 8 years of age and their dietary requirements change. The effects of this process can often be subtle, but can be picked up at an early stage; giving you the opportunity to maintain your pet’s quality of life.

Vet Kiara has helped to put together our Senior Dog Clinic which is aimed at trying to pick up these early signs of potential health conditions related to ageing. The dog package includes a consultation with the vet where a head to tail check will be performed, blood test (haem/biochem) and a urine test (dipstick/specific gravity).

The vet may recommend further treatment based on the findings which are not included in this offer. This offer is intended to detect underlying health issues so can not be applied to pets who are already unwell or undergoing treatment.

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