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Insurance Department

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As a practice we have offered a "direct to vet service" for over 10 years. This service included handling continuation claims for clients during a period, of which can be, a very emotional time.

Due to the upgrading of our technical supports system in March 2021, the way we manage this service will be affected. 

Please note that as of 18th July 2022 our direct to vet administration fee is now £30.

We want to reassure our clients of our continued support. 

For access to the Direct Insurance Authorisation and Information Form - please click here

We are aware that veterinary treatment can be expensive. If you are considering pet insurance we recommend a life time/cover for life policy.

For more information, check out our pet advice page for what to look for when considering pet insurance.

Direct to Insurance

At the discretion of the practice, a claim direct to your insurance company may be set up. Your vet can provide you with a leaflet explaining this process.

Payment for your pet’s treatment with us is ultimately your responsibility.

Taylor Vets reserves the right to decline a request to undertake a direct to vet claim if the circumstances suggest that the insurance company may not settle the claim.
Please note that this service is only available for selected insurance companies, and discounts apply to claims under this service.

Please call 0141 631 5298 to speak to Pamela Flannigan, Nicola Kelly, Donna Buchanan or email.

For more information see our VIP FAQs leaflet