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Kennel Cough Vaccine

Information about the Kennel Cough Vaccine

Should I give my dog a Kennel Cough (KC) vaccine?

The type of bacteria used in the Kennel Cough vaccine have been altered to make them less infectious, and so it is extremely unlikely to cause infection in humans in itself.

You should be cautious about getting the KC vaccine for your pet if you (or anyone else in your household) are known to be severely immunocompromised (for example, caused by receiving some treatments for cancer, organ transplant, Crohn’s Disease or HIV).

The manufacturer of the vaccine provides a warning for immunocompromised people as a result of a potential risk of infection to humans by the vaccine. However, after many years of experience with this product, the manufacturer (MSD) are unaware of any evidence of a clinical infection in humans triggered by the Nobivac KC vaccine.

There is also no specific warning present on the label for pregnant women and newborn babies.

If you have any concerns about the risks to human health raised by the KC vaccine, please email us on reception@taylorvets.co.uk, and we will send you a copy of the datasheet for the vaccine that you can take to your GP for further advice. 

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