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Consulting Rooms

Within the Cathkin surgery we have four dedicated consulting rooms and two nurses consulting rooms.

In-House Laboratory

Laboratory testing plays an integral role in the early detection of changes in your pet's health.

Diagnostic tests provide essential information by which our veterinarians can identify blood disorders, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, infection, cancer, thyroid disease and other hormonal problems.

Our extensive laboratory provides fast and accurate information that is necessary for the well-being of your pet.

Due to our modern in-house diagnostic equipment, animals can receive appropriate treatment immediately after arriving at the hospital.


We have a full range of recovering and kennelling facilities for thirty animals, with an isolation ward, and the ability to provide various types of intensive care (including blood transfusions and administration of pure oxygen) if needed.

Operating Theatre

Our hospital is equipped to perform most surgical procedures - from spays and neuters to more complicated surgeries.

We take pride in our new anaesthesia equipment and our modern patient monitoring systems.

Should your pet need to undergo an anaesthetic, you should be assured that we use the most up to date and safest anaesthetic protocols available in practice today. We are very proud of our safety record.

All animals receive a full pre-anaesthetic check, and an anaesthetic tailored specifically to their individual needs. We strongly advise all animals receive a pre-anaesthetic blood test.

Anaesthetics can be monitored for oxygen concentration in the blood, heart rate and body temperature throughout the procedure.

Radiology and Ultrasound

We have a high-quality x-ray machine with automatic processing that produces excellent quality radiographs.

Radiographs are essential for diagnosing certain medical and surgical problems, and are performed routinely, with pets either awake or anaesthetised. We also are able to perform various types of contrast studies as well as x-rays for the diagnosis of hip dysplasia.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive modern technique that produces a visual image of the interior of the body. It is completely free from side effects. In addition, ultrasound allows the vet to achieve a depth of detail that is not possible with x-rays. Ultrasound is particularly useful in diagnosing abdominal diseases as well as diseases of the heart.

Dental Suite

Our hospital features a dedicated dental suite, fully equipped to allow us to perform a range of dental procedures from simple scale and polishes to surgical extractions. We also have a specialised dental x-ray machine which we use to take high-resolution images of teeth and oral structures. This enables us to more easily diagnose problems and allows for excellent decision making during dental procedures. 


We also have an endoscope in the hospital. Endoscopy uses a specialised video camera to visualise areas within the airways, oesophagus and stomach in a minimally invasive manner, it can aid with diagnosis alongside other imaging techniques and can also be used to remove some foreign bodies.

Cathkin Surgery

From Smithy House we offer our clients a large range of services. The building has three floors - our hospital and reception are on the ground floor, whilst the offices for administration work are situated upstairs.

All our consultations are by appointment only; this helps to reduce the waiting time and means you can see the vet of your choice.

Our receptionists are here to help you. It is sometimes necessary for them to ask you for further details when you call. This is to ensure that we can assist you as quickly as possible.

We now offer FREE WiFi in our Cathkin surgery. Ask at reception for the details next time you are in.

We have dedicated periods for consultation every day, including Weekends and most Bank holidays.

Contact us for more information.

East Kilbride Surgery

Our East Kilbride Surgery offers 3 daily dedicated consultation periods (by appointment only) Monday – Friday plus a Saturday morning surgery, allowing your animal to be treated at a time convenient to you. We also offer blood sampling clinics on Monday and Friday mornings (Subject to availability).
We are situated in the Village on Main Street, opposite the Torrance Hotel.

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Clarkston Surgery

Our Clarkston Surgery offers 3 daily dedicated consultation periods (by appointment only) Monday – Friday plus a Saturday morning surgery, allowing your animal to be treated at a time convenient to you. We also offer blood sampling clinics on Wednesday mornings (Subject to availability).
We are conveniently located for those living in Newton Mearns, Giffnock, Busby and surrounding areas. 
We are situated on the Clarkston Toll Roundabout and open 6 days a week.

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