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Work Experience

At Taylor Vets, we recognise that it is vital that young people are prepared for working life. Work experience in a veterinary surgery is very important for anyone who wants to pursue a career as a veterinary surgeon or a veterinary nurse and we are happy to offer work experience placements for students.

We offer a range of different work experience opportunities including student nursing and EMS placements.

Please note that we will only deal with enquiries from students themselves - a parent may enquire as to the application process but afterwards the application is the student's own responsibility. Please do not ring us on your child's behalf; we want students who can stand on their own two feet and are motivated enough to see their application through. Please also remember that we receive many more applications than we could ever accommodate and we will often recommend that you re-apply if you have a good application but we simply do not have space for you.

Health and Safety

We are a busy working veterinary practice and have a responsibility to ensure that our working environment is as safe as possible for all our staff and visitors. A consent form for Work Experience will be required in advance of any placement. We will also require a short health & safety induction to be completed at the beginning of any placement.
We want students to enjoy their time with us and hope they will understand the need for health & safety regulation for all staff. The best way to get the most out of any placement is to be enthusiastic and co-operative; in the past, some of our best Work Experience students have ended up as employees!

How to apply

All work experience applications must be submitted through our online form below.

Types of Placements

Work Experience 18 years +

We can no longer accept applications for work experience if the applicant is under 18 years old. Unfortunately, this means that we can no longer accept work experience organised through schools. We can now only accept applications for those aged 18 or older. 

Veterinary Nursing – Placements and Work Experience

Taylor Vets Cathkin Branch is an Approved Training Practice for Veterinary Nurses and works with the local Colleges to provide placements for their students. All students are supervised by our experienced Nurses, and supported with a Clinical Coach. We aim to provide a supportive and wide variety of work experience. Our Veterinary Nurses provide skilled supportive care for sick animals as well as undertaking minor surgery, monitoring during anaesthesia, medical treatments and taking x-rays and carrying out diagnostic tests.
We can only offer a limited number of placements each year and due to the high demand these placements are often reservered up to a year in advance.

Clinical EMS ("Seeing Practice")

We accept applications from UK and overseas veterinary students for Clinical Extra-Mural Studies. These placements will be held at our Cathkin Branch.

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